New Energy Nexus is an international non-profit that supports clean energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators, and networks. We started in California and also operate programs in China, India, Southeast Asia, and East Africa.

Our Story


New Energy Nexus strives towards an abundant world with a 100% clean energy economy for 100% of the population in the shortest time possible. To make this lasting change our work must uplift communities around the globe who have been and continue to be left behind by the failed paradigm of a fossil-fuel economy. To do this we fund, connect and grow diverse new energy entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide. We know that focusing on justice and sustainability, while bringing clean energy access for all, will yield greater social and economic dividends. The future of clean energy is 100% for the 100%.


We support diverse entrepreneurs to drive innovation and build equity into the global clean energy economy.

New Energy Nexus Indonesia launched the first Smart Energy Incubation in collaboration with Digitaraya
New Energy Nexus Indonesia team fully formed, CONNEX Energy Meet Up and [RE]Charge Series Ideation Bootcamp started to take place regularly
We continued to expand our reach, CONNEX Energy Meetup and [RE]Charge Series Ideation Bootcamp stepped out of Java, kicked off our first Smart Energy Acceleration Program, and launched our first Hackathon


Diyanto Imam

Accelerator Program Director - Jakarta

Stanley Ng

Program Director - SEA

Yeni Tjiunardi

Investment Director - Jakarta

Edmund Carulli

Investment Manager - Jakarta

Dewi Sitepu

Finance & Administrative Manager - Jakarta

Harista Bangun

Finance & Administrative Staff - Jakarta

Anindita Sekar Jati

Communications Manager - Jakarta

Nasywa Makarim

Senior Communications Associate - Jakarta

Arif Utomo

Program Manager - Jakarta

Aditya Mulya Pratama

Program Manager - Jakarta

Yan Yan Muhammad Achdiansyah

Program Manager - Jakarta

Shafira Putri

Senior Program Associate - Jakarta

Naufal Musri

Program Associate - Jakarta

Michael Kresna Putra

Program Associate - Jakarta